1952 WM Holden Special

THis 1952 WM Holden Special was driven by a man called Jack Myers.

Also known as “The Little King”, Jack was a very popular Australian driver and racing administrator who stood just 155cm tall in his socks! The owner of the Atomic Service Station in Sydney, Jack was one of the first to race a Holden Sedan. Along with his neighbour Merv Waggott, he prepared the “world’s fastest Holden” from 1952 to 1956.

In 1956 Jack bought a damaged Cooper Bristol from another popular racer (Stan Coffey) and fitted a Holden Engine with a Waggott double overhead cam alloy head. He painted the car orange because his wife Joyce insisted that she be able to pick the car out easily on the racetrack.

Jack was killed in 1962, driving another Special at Catalina Park.


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