Photographed in May 2018 at Victor Harbour, South Australia

1948 Alvis TA14 Drop-Head Coupe

The Alvis Fourteen or TA 14 was the first car to be produced by major defence contractor Alvis after World War II during which the entire car factory had been destroyed.

The TA 14 was built from November 1946 until 1950 when its postwar austerity 1900 cc engine was replaced by the 2993 cc Alvis Three Litre or TA 21.

The Fourteen was available as a four-door sports saloon and was built for Alvis by Mulliners of Birmingham.

There were also Tickford and Carbodies drophead versions (Like this one!).

The 1892 cc engine was fitted with a single SU type H4 -inch side-draught carburettor.

The triplex chain drive for the Valves had an automatic tensioner.

The bodies were mounted on an updated pre-war Alvis 12/70 chassis that was widened and lengthened but retained the rigid-axle leaf spring suspension with double acting Armstrong hydraulic dampers.

Mechanically operated brakes were two-leading-shoe type by Girling.

The top speed was around 74 mph (119 km/h) and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 22.2 seconds.

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