1948 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

Just like modern trucks and vans, sedan deliveries, panel trucks, and pickups were used and treated in much the same way as their modern counterparts. Often they were used by companies until they were seen as being out of date. New models would be ordered and the old ones would be sold on.

Modern wheels and a low stance, helps with this rides attitude. Notice the one piece windshield. That’s a nice modification.

Generally their use and abuse would get worse the longer they were around. Inevitably they would find the way to the local junkyard.

Notice the stepped in rear bumper. That allows easier access to things stored in the back.

As a result of living fairly short lives, by old car standards, they would spend years in these junkyards and rarely would they be touched by part hunters. When Street Rodding expanded in the 1990’s these utilitarian vehicles would be re-purposed into long haul cruisers. Something they excelled at being. The mechanical’s of these commercial vehicles were the same as their more desirable relatives, so they were modified easily enough.

That’s some flawless chrome!

They make excellent candidates for Rodding, because they can easily haul everything you need for a busy time at any show. Plus, they have a style that is all their own! I photographed this one during my trip to the 2019 Coker Tires Cruise-In, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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