A Look Inside the Enzo Ferrari Museum

The Enzo Museum is located a quick walk away from Modena Railway Station (I drove, obviously).

It doesn’t have hundreds of cars, but what is there is la creme de la creme, in my opinion.

I’ll split this article into two parts, as outside of the main museum is a smaller building which houses Engines and a few unusual cars.

It is very different to the big display. So here we go.


You park around the back of the building (lots of spaces!) and walk around the side to be greeted by this! I’ve never seen a museum that was so interesting from the outside.

So, you part with a few shekels and then walk into…. this! It is spacious. It is white. It is immaculately clean. The cars look like they are floating in space. It took my breath away, I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

The first car I looked at was this spectacular Formula One car from 1967 – a 312 F1-66. A 2989cc V-12 propelled this beauty to 300kmh. The attention to detail was simply amazing. There was a movie about how this car changed Ferraris racing destiny.

Next up was a 1959 250GT Berlinetta in a very unusual (but gorgeous) pale blue. This was a car built for competition, where it was very successful. 2953cc V-12 with 280hp – that was a lot for 1959.

And look at this F40.. just perfect, in design and presentation.

And the F40 from behind.. just…. wow…

This 1969 365GTS4 Daytona Spider was another unusual colour, but again very beautiful. The 4390cc V-12 had 352hp and propelled the Spider to 280km/h. These were designed specifically for the USA, primarily the West Coast.

Also from 1969 was this AMAZING looking Thomassima 3, a US car built on Ferrari running gear. 3000cc of V-12 made 250hp.

The back end of the Thomassina 3. I’d never seen one of these before. Or even heard of them.

Moving further in, the museum opened up into this.. Boy Oh Boy!

Not the prettiest Ferrari in my opinion. but still a beautiful example of the 1996 500/575 Maranello. 5748cc of V-12 made 485/515hp in these models. These ran until 2002, changing from 550 to 575 along the way.

One of the themes of the Enzo Museum is the use of Ferraris in Movies and TV Shows. For example, the 550 model above was used in Bad Boys II, The Family Man, and Tais-Toi!

The F355 had a 3496cc V-8 with 380bhp. The first Bond movie (GoldenEye) starring Pierce Brosnan featured a 355 (Driven by Xenia), and a 355 was also used in The Rock.

Built between 1960 and 1964, this 400 SuperAmerica had a 4 litre V-12 and was bodied by Pinifarina. It appeared in the movie Il Tigre

A very clean Mondial T. A Red one was used in Scent of a Woman, driven the blind Al Pacino. True!!

And of course, the 308GTS which was made famous by Tom Selleck in Magnum PI. GTS and Quottrovole (4-valve) models were both used during the course of the series. 255hp from the 2927cc V-8.

One of my very favourite Ferraris, the lovely Dino 246 GT, named for Enzo’s son. Dinos were used in the TV series The Persuaders and the movie Agent Cody Banks.

Here’s Dino’s bottom 🙂 Take a quick peek, but try not to stare.

And here are a few more shots of the hall, to try and give you a feel for the ambience of the place. And a preview of what’s yet to come!

Couldn’t help myself – here’s another money shot of that beautiful F40!

This is the 2016 F1 car, the SF16-H. A 1600cc Turbo V-6, it revved to 15,000rpm and had two electric motors also.

Yet another iconic car, the brilliant and very easily identifiable Testarossa.

In 1956, Ferrari built these 290MM’s to race at Le Mans. 320hp from a 3490cc V-12. Simply stunning car.

OK then. The 2004 F430 was a (cartoonified) star of the movie “Cars” 490hp from a 4308cc V-8 and a top speed of 315kmh.

This 2007 F1 Car was driven by Kimi Raikkonen. Immaculately presented, and pretty spectacular too.

Now, please sit back and enjoy a few pictures of the Ferrari La Ferrari, a car pornstar if ever there was one.

And that’s all for the main hall, folks.

I’ll now move over to the Engine Building, where there are some more cars. I’ll post the Engines another time, as not everyone will want to look at those, I suspect.

The much older Engine Museum

A 1967 Dino 206GT. The 206 had a 1986cc V-6 making 180bhp. It was still good for 235kmh thanks to the slippery shape.

How about this amazing Ferrari Speedboat? With a 4500cc V-12 it broke several speed records.

The business part of the speedboat.

A 1986 Race car, the GTO Evoluzione. Development of the F40 came out of this car, which had a 2855cc Turbocharged V-8 producing 650bhp!

And here’s a 2004 360GTC. built for the International GT Championships. 450bhp from the 3586cc V-8

Michele Alboretto drove this 156-85 in the 1985 F1 Championship.

This experimental F150 Laboratorio was built in 2013 and used as a technology test bed. Painted by a madman, obviously. It was based on the LaFerrari.

This was one of Massa’s F1 cars.

Here’s the interior – no wonder they struggle with the steering wheel controls sometimes!

And finally, here’s a reproduction of Enzo’s office, which is a few miles away at the Maranello factory.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to the Enzo Museum. Posting these pictures has brought back some really great memories for me, and it is most certainly somewhere I would visit again when I’m in Modena. Ciao!!

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