Bo’ness Motor Museum, Scotland

A Little Motor Museum in the South of Scotland

First impression wasn’t great. The chap taking my money didn’t seem very interested at all, which is a bit unusual. Anyway, in we go..

You can’t actually see anything until after you’ve paid (very cunning!) so the second impression on getting past the entrance was that the place was quite small, absolutely PACKED with exhibits, and that it was going to be difficult to get decent photos.

The first car you see after entering is this nice 1953 Ford Popular. I have a bit of family history with these, and a soft spot. Maybe this will be OK after all.. You can just see Mr Grumpy, the entrance guardian, in the background.

Next up, this Mini Cooper S. Something else interesting here – no information placard about the car. Sadly, this theme continued on through most of the exhibits. The stuff on the walls was pretty cool though.

This old Austin A10 was presented in it’s natural habitat (being repaired). All the old paraphernalia and tools were interesting.

Almost every inch of wall space was covered with something.. a poster, a sign, a model of something..

This 1938 Morris 840 was quite nice, and appeared to come from my stamping grounds, South Australia. Sadly, there was nobody around to ask about it, and the history it must have.

The obligatory Citroen 2CV (well, they’re cheap as chips, right?).

Some old Jeep from the war. I don’t really know anything about these.

Another must-have, the Delorean! Not too many car museums don’t have one of these, and definitely not the nicest example I’ve seen.

I don’t remember The Saint driving one of these?

Still struggling to get decent pictures, sorry.. It’s just so cramped in here, and everything is just jammed in..Hello Fiat!

Some beautifully restored Petrol Pumps. Obviously american, they don’t quite fit in.. The Rolls Shadow round the corner looked OK, but I couldn’t get any closer or a clear view to take a picture.

More paraphernalia on the walls.

Was a replica of the old Reliant from the TV show “Only Fools and Horses” a sign as to who should visit?

I don’t remember THAT from the TV show either?

A lovely Mark II Jaguar with wire wheels..

A Triumph Herald convertible. IIRC, the bonnet hinges forward on these, like an E-Type Jag.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (Mk 2 I think)

A Mark 10 Jaguar with optional Jaguar Roof Ornament. Nice example (the Mark 10, not the roof ornament).

Mini Moke! These are such fun to drive, and I can’t remember the last time I saw one in good condition like this.

A nice 1985 Lotus Excel. Reputedly very reliable, they were (evidently) marketed as a family friendly sports car.

Ford Anglia with Harry Potter inspirationals…

A really nice old Austin K2 truck from 1948. 3 1/2 litre 6-cylinder engine.

This Citroen 2CV is a replica of a car used in the Bond Movie “For Your Eyes Only”

I forget the story behind this, but I think it was used in another Bond movie. Very nice Series 3 Jag.

We’ve definitely found the Bond stuff now. This Sunbeam Alpine was used in a mountain chase, IIRC.

And the Aston Martin DB5 used in Thunderball and Goldfinger (I think). Probably the nicest car in the collection.

Same car, different cramped angle..

BMW from “Tomorrow Never Dies”

Lovely Aston Martin DB-S. One was used in “On Her Majesties Secret Service”

Lots of 007 memorabilia.

A highly modified Lotus Esprit was used in “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Not this one though. Elon Musk bought the real one for just under $1Million.

Daniel Craig having a bit of a lay down.

This Dalek appeared in the Bond Movie….. Hang on a minute! What’s this doing here??

Now I’m REALLY confused!!

Loads and loads of models if you like that sort of thing… some really nice stuff too.

JarJar Binks approves.

I saw a couple of little kids run screaming from this. I must say I felt pretty much the same. Why?

And what car museum is complete without a Tardis? What is going ON here????

And definitely time to go.. Goodbye Bo’Ness!

So.. All in all Bo’Ness wasn’t overwhelming. There are some nice cars in there, but there is a lot of junk too, and it is all too cramped and badly organised to take it all in and enjoy it. Coupled with unsupervised kids running around the place jumping on everything I can’t say I really enjoyed myself – and I really love car museums. With a decent overhaul and bigger premises it could be OK, but I wouldn’t suggest you go out of your way to visit unless you happen to be really close.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures anyway, I certainly worked pretty hard to take them, such as they are.

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