1979 Porsche 911S

Gosford Classic Cars (part 10)

Welcome back to Gosford! Sadly, we’re coming to the end of our visit, but we still have some AMAZING cars to see – come on, walk with me and enjoy the views!

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You've already heard about my love for the beautiful Packard machines - and here go again! This 1939 1708 model hits the spot nicely! One of only 446 V-12's built in 1939, this car has had a full restoration.

This will be our last Packard - but what a Packard! a 1930 model 740.

Amongst the scores of Motorbikes, this one really jumped out at me - a Honda 750K3 ! I bought one of these (new) when I was 16 - my first bike! WIsh I still had it! Mine was in Candy Apple Red.

We'll step out of the main hall for a few minutes. Outside (but still under cover) are dozens of cars which maybe aren't quite spectacular enough for inside - all for sale still, and some pretty cool stuff. Let's have a look!

There's probably another 70-80 cars out here - including some unusual stuff from Europe and the US.  

Hey, Hummers! They're cool , but I don't really see the point unless you're invading a foreign country or something?  

Here's a nice 1956 Hudson Hornet. No Fins??? It should have had FINS! Love the grill though, doesn't it look happy?  

Well, this is... something? A Wartburg?? Weird by name, weird by nature? Built in Germany in 1980, it has a 900cc 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine. I'll have to do some research here, I've never heard of a Wartburg before! And they have several!  

More weirdness! This is 1962 Moskvich 407. Definitely influenced by the British cars of the period, it has a 45hp 1358cc 4-cylinder engine. Over half of them were exported into Europe, somehow.  

This looks neat though! a 1953 Gaz M69 4WD Light Truck. Gee, they've got some unusual stuff here! These were evidently used as the basis of a Tank Destroyer, and a 4x4 amphibious vehicle. Versatile!  

I do like this! a 1934 International C30 Truck. This year and model were the start of a re-designed modern line from International. They proved very successful and are quite collectible now. That's very pretty!  

Another American Truck, a 1835 Buddy Stewart 40HE. I'd heard of these (spoken with some reverence by Truck people), but this is the first one I've seen. I like it! 35hp 4-cylinder.  

Here;'s the Porsche from the top of the page - a 1979 911S which has been converted from Left to Right-Hand-Drive.  

And this is a bit different too! A 1949 Austin A90 Rally Car! This very car competed in the world-famous Redex Rallies in the 1980's and 1990's. If only it could speak!  

Here's one for the Off-Road nutters! - a Land-Rover used by the Aussie Army!  

This is a very sweet 1965 Rambler Marlin. The pillarless design was a big thing when this car was released to the world. I think it still looks great! (FINS!)  

There are a whole BUNCH of Ramblers here! I particularly liked this 1969 Ambassador Wagon. I reckon my Golden Retrievers would love cruising around in the back of this! Powered by a 290 CI V8 with around 200hp. <insert comment about wood here>  

How cute is this 1957 Nash Metropolitan? I have to arrange a drive of one of these, they look like a really cool little car! 1.5 Litre 4-cylinder, and weighing 940kg. This one is original, and has only 1804 Miles on the clock!  

There are LOADS more interesting cars out here, but we haven't got all day, have we? Let's go back inside...

No doubt part of some franchise, this beautifully restored VW Kombi was one of several differently themed promotional vehicles - this one is for liquids, they had another for Pizzas, and one for Coffee.. Neat!  

Sitting in the corner with some vehicles heavy on "Patina" is this Jaguar E-Type 2+2. This one wouldn't take too much work to bring back to a nice condition.  

Right next to the exit is this lovely 1973 Aston Martin V8. This one has History - I'll do an article on it soon. 5.3 Litre Fuel-Injected V8, it has had a full restoration, and looks stunning!  

So, we've come to the end of our visit, and I'm sad. It's been really cool, and I love the whole concept of the place, having everything for sale to keep the place fresh and constantly evolving means that I'll just HAVE to come back again in a while to see what has changed. If you're ever in NSW, Australia, Gosford is a bit north of Sydney, and I highly recommend a visit.

Through the series we've seen just about every famous and/or interesting Marque that I can think of - Gosford is just amazing!

I hope you've enjoyed visiting with me - show your love with a Bump and a comment if you have the time, as it is encouraging to know that my efforts are appreciated a bit!

Each part of the series has links to the previous parts, so if you haven't followed the whole journey you may like to go back to the first episode and read through the whole experience!

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