Chip Foose Z28 Camaro

Gosford Classic Cars (part 6)

If you haven’t done so already, you should read the stories linked below before you read this one, as this is Part Six of a visit to the now closed Gosford Classic Cars Museum!

Whilst Gosford is focussed more on Cars than Memorabilia, there is an AMAZING collecting of Miniature vehicles, cases and cases full! 

Here's a very cool little 1957 Goggomobil Dart! 

Here's the unbeleeeeeeeeivable 1969 Z28 Camaro from the Header Image. Designed and Built by american legend Chip Foose, this Z28 has a 572CI V8 which makes 620hp. This is one SUPER clean custom ride!  

Do you like a Corvette? This 1969 C3 Stingray will probably get your knees a bit wobbly then! Featurning the rare tri-carb setup, this award-winning big-block 428CI V8 was fully restored and now makes 435hp. Very nice...  

Still in the U.S., this 1969 Ford Mercury Cougar XR7 was one of several. It looks very sweet in Black with that Tan interior. Only 4024 XR7 Convertibles were produced. 351 Cleveland Powered.  

Another 1969 Ford (They must have been busy that year!) - a Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet! I don't think too much of Mustangs, TBO, but these Mach 1's are very nice. This one has a 428CI and a 4 speed Manual (stick for you Yanks!). I Like it. A lot.  

STILL In 1969, this lovely Z28 has a 302 and a 4-speed Manual. Restored in 2013, this car is absolutely immaculate.  

Don't like the Yellow so much? Here's a 1984 Camaro in Red then! Small-block 350CI V8 with a 4-Speed Auto. VERY nice engine bay too.  

I know I said I didn't like 'stangs, but I can't help myself - I like this too! A 1971 Boss 351 Cleveland R-Code, one of only 1700 built. 330hp and a 9-Inch Diff. Hot, hot, hot!  

Fancy a bit of Ford Bum?  

How about some REAL Muscle then? This weapon is the Aussie Invader. Built in 1996, it has 36,000 hp! Made from Kevlar to attack the Land Speed Record, it was clocked at over 1028 km/h, and is believed to be capable of over 1300 km/h!  

OK, let's calm down a bit! This immaculate VW Kombi is built as a mobile Coffee Bar! No free samples. How disappointing.  

Aussie Muscle! This is a 1971 (Aussie Chrysler) Valiant Charger. These E38's were built to race, but were not as successful as the Fords and Holdens of the day. I believe they were the fastest accelerating 4-seater in the world at the time though.  

This very nice 1970 Rambler Javelin has a 6.4 Litre V8, making 315hp. One of several Javelins, it really popped in Red!  

Here's a piece of Aussie history! This 1951 Holden 48-215 was shipped overseas as a promotional vehicle. spending time initially in the Czech Republic, then a further 20 years in Switzerland. That is a wrap!  

Join us soon for Part 7 - some more VERY cool cars coming up!

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