Gosford Classic Cars (part 9)

Welcome to part 9 of the Gosford Classic Cars Virtual Tour!

You can read the previous posts in this series by clicking the links below!

I know there are a lot of Mustang Fans here - this 1966 Shelby should hit the spot!  

And completely at the other end of the Automotive performance scale is this brilliant little Fiat 600 "Jolly", complete with wicker seats!  

While we're on the weird and wonderful, here's a boat.. uh.. car.. uh.. here's a vehicle that can't decide what it wants to be! The amazing Boat-Car - The one, the only - Amphicar! 1147cc of power for road or river!  

And as a segue away from boats, we have a 1973 Buick Riviera! Nah, just kidding, these are really pretty!  

Quite possibly the ugliest car I've ever seen - a Studebaker Avanti I've since had my eyeballs assaulted AGAIN by one of these - check out my post on the Palmer Hot Rod Show! (Wear ze Goggles!)  

Back to pretty, I love this big ole Nash Convertible!  

And they keep getting bigger! This massive piece of kit is a 1966 Chrysler Town and Country. What have you done here, Chrysler?  

Going back to the classy and interesting is a 1929 Dover Commercial Van.

I'll definitely do a write up this 1923 Jewett 18-22 De Luxe Phaeton Tourer too.. Interesting company history there.  

Oh, the Packard. Since I started photographing cars I have fallen deeply in love with these amazing creations. Have a look at the article I did on this one too!  

I think that's all the excitement I can take for now. Let's have a break! I hope you'll join me soon for the last part of our tour of Gosford Classic Cars!

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