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Palmer Hot Rod Street Show (part 1)

South Australia is the Street Rod and Custom Car Capital of Australia – nay, the world! Once again I give you pictorial proof of this undeniable fact. Sit back and enjoy – Palmer!

This is Part One. There were so many cars that the main street filled up and they had to spill out onto the oval!

So packed were the streets of Palmer with scrumptious Hot Rods, Classics, and customs, that they began to put cars out onto the local sports oval. Amongst the first to arrive were these 2-door Ford Falcons.  

Also on the Oval was this stunning Pontiac with the plates Cruel 1!  

And how about this 1954 Ford F100 Rat Rod?  

Or this amazing 1955 Chev? The graphics on bonnet of this car were brilliant - more pictures soon!  

Another 55 Chev - a 2-Door Coupe. Why don't we see many 2-tone colour schemes any more? This looks GREAT!  

This is a bit different! A pommie Mark 3 Ford Zephyr! Very clean too.. See what I mean about 2-tone paint?  

Wow.. a VERY clean Holden HG Monaro, with the brilliant 350 Chev motor. These were the pick of the Monaro bunch, IMO. Nice to see one kept so original too.  

I took a whole bunch of this beautiful 1957 Cadillac as he was mooring .... errr... parking it.. I love it, really :)  

And here's a beautiful SS Camaro.. Don't think I've seen one in that colour before, but it really suits.  

HJ Holden and SLR Torana in the foreground.. As you can see, the weather was just perfect too.  

That looks meaty! Galaxie or Fairlane? Not sure..  

This Fairlane Convertible is pretty nice too, but I think they could have picked a better colour than that green.. How many bodies could you fit in that boot??  

Don't see too many of these either - a Studebaker Avanti. I heard quite a few people wander past and say WTF is that?  

And we'll finish off the Oval with this Aussie classic - a Valiant S-Series. Valiant was Chrysler's aussie arm back in the 60's and 70's - these stylish cars had the 225CI Chrysler Slant 6 fitted, and an auto transmission operated by buttons!  

If you enjoyed this Story, you can read Part 2 below- lots and lots of Hot Rods!

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