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Palmer Hot Rod Street Show (part 2)

Welcome back to the Streets of Palmer, South Australia – which came alive to the road of the Hot Rods in 2018!

Part One of this article had us out on the overflow area – the sporting oval. Read about it at the link below!

Part Two takes us into the main street of the town. I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the pictures. There were people EVERYWHERE, and no matter how patient I was at times the crowds just didn't let up. I've also taken guesses at what a lot of these cars are built from as I didn't get to speak with many of the owners. So PLEASE jump in and correct me, or add details I've missed, and I will update the article. I hope you enjoy part 2 ! In no particular order.. I give to you.. HOT RODS!

Well, if the number plate is to be believed this is a 1925 Chev!  

And a 1927 Ford - I love it when the number plate gives me a clue! And those Air Intakes look great too!  

1932 Ford Coupe - I love the look of this, although the completely open bonnet look is a little better, I think.  

This 1932 Ford Deuce (thanks Licence Plate again!) is really old-school. Too cool!  

Heres a VERY nice 1933 Ford Businessmans Coupe.

So this is a 1933 also, and I'm going to say it's a Ford!

And the lovely 1932 Ford Roadster from the header image. Clyde was a real winner on the day, attracting lots of attention. 

I thought this was a bit too clean and tidy to be called a Rat Rod, all it needs is paint and it will be a stunner. 1935 Something - probably not a Ford or Chev though!  

1935 Ford!! The attention to detail on this car was at an extremely high level, very beautiful rod. The hard top is really unusal, I thought.  

Those teardrop lights are so fantastic! A 1938 Ford V8 holds up the headlights.  

And from the same era, a 1939 Chevvy. Check out the length of that bonnet!  

Here's another Ford F100 - a 1953-55 probably. Hey Fatso!!  

Here's a locally built car - a 1953 Holden FJ. It KNOWS that it's cool!

Sorry - had to slip a classic in here! One of my favourites, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird! Whoot!  

This 1956 Ford Utility had a LOT going on.. Very nice.  

Looks like we got ourselves a Rat! The sticker on the door read "Boneyard" if that means anything to anyone?  

Another Ford Coupe. Very old-school again. And very nicely done too.  

This Mercury looked RIDICULOUSLY amazing, just stunning. 1949-53 maybe?  

And how about this Ute? That is just SO well done that it isn't funny. Ford 28/29 Model A!  

And last but not least, a sensational International-Harvester truck!

There are a pile of Muscle Cars to come - watch out for part 3 of Palmer Hot Rod Show!

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