Dodge Charger Excepted!

Palmer Hot Rod Street Show (part 3)

We’ve seen some RIDICULOUSLY amazing looking cars in parts One and Two of this article – let’s see if we can keep it rolling!

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1960 Chev Coupe.. That looks TOUGH!  

66? Ford Mustang.. Super clean..  

This Dodge Charger R/T attracted a LOT of attention - and rightfully so!  

And how gorgeous is this Pontiac GTO? On a scale of 1 to 10???  

I saw several people looking decidedly faint after stepping behind the Charger R/T.. Same one as before, but how can you see this too often?  

These HR Utes are pretty rare now, and this looked like a spectacular example. These came with an in-line 6-cylinder pushrod motor - simple but pretty solid.  

Another HR Holden - A Premier this time. This was the Holden Luxury Flagship in 1967. And probably one of the best cars they built.  

A very nice Chev Nova SS!  

A 1960 Impala.. Gangsta!  

Another Chev!  

Pontiac GTO - I quite like that colour!  

I know we've seen Cruel 1 before, but I couldn't help myself. What a beast!  

We're at the end of the Palmer Hot Rod Show visit here. I hope you've enjoyed it. I'm exhausted! :)

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